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Meet Baylie Rose

  Baylie Rose, a Hair Extension and Blonding specialist, began her career at Paul Mitchell the School, San Diego. She became a Licensed Cosmetologist and found a new love for the Hair Industry.

 Baylie loves meeting new people and helping them become the best versions of themselves through the Art of Hair.

  Touching lives through this art has brought beauty, meaning, and passion to Baylie. The confidence her clients exude after receiving their customized hair formula inspires Baylie whole-heartedly.  

Baylie loves nature and leading a healthy lifestyle. She offers an option for Holistic Hair color upon request.

Baylie is continuously learning, growing, and evolving with the ever-changing flow of life. Whether it be a new Hair Style, Trend, or Enhancement, she looks forward to servicing you with integrity and personalized care. 

  Baylie Rose can be found inside Autumn Houston the Salon in Little Italy, San Diego,CA! 

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